As the time draw near for the woman’s face to be introduced, we continue our final part of the story. Our sources have confirmed that the to be wife of Abraham is also a police officer, but she is not aware of the secret life of his husband to be. What we are even worried about is the parents of this female police officer, we are still wondering how they are going to accept this news; that their daughter getting married to a gay.

We have been able to get hold of telephonic chat Abraham had with his gay partner in the UK. We also discovered that Abraham’s gay partner lost his phone in Ghana due to a misunderstanding the two of them had when his partner visited him here in Ghana. We also discovered that Abraham has been catered for by his UK gay partner ever since the two of them met. Although we are not against any life a person chooses but we still frown on hypocrisy.

We wish a Abraham a fruitful marriage. For the fact that he was once caught in his hometown having affair with a man, we can confidently say that he is a gay.

Our big question is; Is this marriage a goodbye to his homosexual act or it is just a cover up for it?? Well, only posterity will tell. We just hope he will be able to perform his duty as a police officer been a gay and a scammer


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